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Trust us and don’t worry about a thing! We have been passionately organizing events for over 20 years.

IKA Event Agency has over 20 years of experience which converts into several thousands of meetings with clients. Each and every one of them has taught us something new.

We organize events to the letter - tell us what you expect and we will make it happen! We take care of every detail and we know that every event only happens  once - we make sure that it is remarkable. Our experience has taught us that not everything can be predicted - we have learned how to expect the unexpected.

We listen to you at the creation stage, observe your reactions during the event and ask about your impressions afterwards. Thanks to this, we know how to organize unforgettable events. We create our programs with passion and without limits.

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Galas and special events

We organize galas on a grand scale, based on any theme and with the cooperation of stars or local artists. We are able to adapt to any budget and expectations in a way that still dazzles the participants. We know that each event happens only once and we make sure it is an unforgettable experience!

Event Marketing

An exceptional event requires a remarkable setting. Our creative team will propose a concept that emphasizes the individuality of the event and its unique character. The WOW effect, the element of surprise and the branding of the event will play a key role here!

Integration events

We customize each program to the individual needs and expectations of your company. We know how to engage and motivate the team so each of its members is involved in the program. We have tons of ideas for active and creative ways of spending time together. Take a break from daily tasks, integrate the group and even increase the effectiveness of the team with us.

Picnics and events for children

We know how important the atmosphere and the range of activities are in organizing picnics. During our events, simply enjoy your time together and leave the rest to us. Picnics are our specialty, we take care of it all!

Thematic events

Take a break from reality, immerse yourself in the unique world of themed events. We will transport you in time and space where the rules will be dictated by your imagination. The whole event will be complemented by beautiful scenery, activities and fantastic characters. Let our fantasy carry you away!


Everything on time and in its place: professional equipment, top-notch service, a charismatic host or a motivational speaker – that’s our thing! Our professional events can be the key to the success of your company!

We are excited to meet you! For us, your event starts today.
We can't wait to create it together.

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